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EIA JESD 22-A119A:2015

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EIA JESD 22-A119A:2015

Low Temperature Storage Life

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The test is applicable for evaluation, screening, monitoring, and/or qualification of all solid state devices. Low Temperature storage test is typically used to determine the effect of time and temperature, under storage conditions, for thermally activated failure mechanisms of solid state electronic devices, including nonvolatile memory devices (data retention failure mechanisms). During the test reduced temperatures (test conditions) are used without electrical stress applied. This test may be destructive, depending on Time, Temperature and Packaging (if any).

Author EIA
Editor EIA
Document type Standard
Format File
ICS 35.220.01 : Data storage devices in general
Number of pages 10
Replace EIA JESD 22-A119 (2004-11)
Year 2015
Document history EIA JESD 22-A119A (2015-10)
Country USA
Keyword EIA JESD 22;EIA 22;EIA 22.A119A;22;EIA JESD22-A119A