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Telecommunications Communications Products Overview of Transmission Requirements for Digital Interface Communications Devices

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The TIA-920 series of standards provide acoustic transmission requirements for digital interface communications devices. The devices may be equipped with handsets, headsets, or speakerphones for providing the acoustic interface to the user. They may operate in the narrowband (300 to 3400 Hz) transmission mode or the wideband (100 to 7000 Hz) transmission mode, or they may support operation in both modes. PURPOSE This particular document serves as the core standard and provides a description of the document structure for the series. Since the various types of acoustic interfaces (handset, headset, and speakerphone) require somewhat different test methods, there is one document in the series for each type of interface. However, each interface document contains transmission requirements for both narrowband and wideband modes of operation.

Author EIA/TIA
Editor EIA
Document type Standard
Format File
ICS 33.050.10 : Telephone equipment
Number of pages 14
Replace EIA/TIA-920.000-A (2011-02)
Cross references ANSI/TIA-920.000-B (2015), IDT
Year 2015
Document history EIA/TIA-920.000-B (2015-10-26)
Country USA
Keyword EIA 920;EIA 920.000;EIA/TIA 920;EIA/TIA-920;EIA/TIA-920.000;920;EIA TIA-920.000-B