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Project 25 Radio Management Controls

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This document specifies the radio management protocols utilized over the A Interface described in [19]. The information necessary to enable interoperable radio management services and functionality over this interface is provided in this document or referenced in other documents as appropriate. This document assumes the reader has a good working knowledge of the Data Overview and Specification [18]. The radio management protocols specified by this document are Radio Control Protocol (RCP) and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). Although these protocols are specified for TIA-102 LMR systems described in [22], they can also be applied to other LMR systems as well.

Author EIA/TIA
Editor EIA
Document type Standard
Format File
ICS 33.070.10 : Terrestrial trunked radio (tetra)
Number of pages 62
Replace EIA/TIA-102.BAEE-B (2010-05-07)
Cross references ANSI/TIA-102.BAEE-C (2015), IDT
Year 2015
Document history EIA/TIA-102.BAEE-C (2015-12-09)
Country USA
Keyword EIA 102;EIA/TIA 102;EIA/TIA-102;102;EIA TIA-102.BAEE-C