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Project 25 Data Overview and Specification

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This document identifies the TIA-102 Data Services and provides references to documents in the TIA-102 series that define them, with the exception of TIA-102 Packet Data Service which is defined by this document. This document defines the protocols utilized on the interfaces in the TIA-102 Open System Interface Model defined in [10] that are relevant for TIA-102 Packet Data Services. This document also defines the set of data bearer services and data configurations that support some or all of these services. This document then provides an architecture overview for the set of data bearer services on each of the data configurations.

Author EIA/TIA
Editor EIA
Document type Standard
Format File
ICS 33.070.10 : Terrestrial trunked radio (tetra)
Number of pages 13
Replace EIA/TIA-102.BAEA-B (2012-06-22)
Cross references ANSI/TIA-102.BAEA-C (2015), IDT
Year 2015
Document history EIA/TIA-102.BAEA-C (2015-12-09)
Country USA
Keyword EIA 102;EIA/TIA 102;EIA/TIA-102;102;EIA TIA-102.BAEA-C