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OPEI B71.1-2017


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OPEI B71.1-2017 Outdoor Power Equipment - Walk-Behind Mowers and Ride-On Machines with Mowers - Safety Specifications

standard by Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, 04/06/2017

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The safety specifications given in ANSI/OPEI B71.1-2017 are for powered (a) reel and rotary pedestrian-controlled lawn mowers, (b) reel and rotary ride-on lawn mowers, (c) ride-on lawn tractors with mower attachments, (d) ride-on lawn and garden tractors with mower attachments, and (e) lever-steer and zero-turn ride-on mowers.These specifications are intended to provide safety requirements and to help ensure uniform operatorenvironments. They are intended to apply to products specifically intended as consumer products for thepersonal use of a consumer around a house. These specifications are not intended to apply tocommercial products customarily used by hired operators or to products designed primarily for agriculturalpurposes such as defined in SAE J1116. They are not intended to cover sulky-type units, pedestriancontrolledtractors, flail mowers or sickle bar mowers, and are not intended to completely cover electricalrequirements. This standard applies to all aftermarket parts, attachments and accessories. Anymanufacturer of aftermarket parts, attachments and accessories is responsible for ensuring compliance tothis standard. Safety specifications in this standard apply only to a configuration ofattachments/implements/accessories approved by their respective manufacturers.